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'The real teacher is within you'

(building bridges is what I do)


While the first phrase came to me on a floppy bag of tea, I was wondering: for who could this be?


When is one a teacher?

When is one a learner?

And can we be both? At the same time?


It appears to me daily that 'being a teacher' means also: 'being a learner'.

This being said... What about all the unmaterialistic material which I am actually passing on to 'my students'?

I'd like to call it my backpack filled with gold.

Backpack, background.


Even if it became my personal language on the road, many of the letters, words or movements have the breath of my teachers in them. As if I am breathing in and out what I've learned from them. And their passionate way of translating is in that breath.


Sometimes, I would like to invite all of them around a table. I would like to serve them my best meal possible.

I would love to build bridges wherever I can for them to share 'food for thought' And with that 'food to feed the soul'.

Not in an esoteric way. Just building some homemade bridges.

Given that, I could install a 'virtual table'. But how does one do that? Who to invite and when? Will this meal taste to many more then myself? And can the smell ever reach the learners I'm coaching? Would they ask for a plate as well?And how to share what's on the table to anyone wanting to be involved?


I decided to give it a go on my blog page... . Welcome!

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