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Re-search, improvisation... and metaphors

Hereby, I want to bring a toast to David Zambrano and Julyen Hamilton who have been some of my favorite teachers when it comes to play, let go of fixed principles and to search over and over again. Both are very welcome to join the table to eat my improvised meal and more. Maybe, if I were to chose the seating at the table, I would put Enrique next to David Zambrano and Julyen Hamilton.

As I mentioned in some previous pages: taking a class ideally is and should be a time for research: to dive into the unknown. Into what you don’t know that you know. Or into what you don’t know that the body knows. The part which is invisible, which is hidden under the iceberg (words borrowed from Enrique Vargas).

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the role of teacher or learner: It helps to open the dialogue and to translate some materials into metaphors or anything else which frames your literal action into a broader perspective.

Since the experience is vital, I quit talking in this one. Don’t forget to watch the video added to this page.

Watch the video!

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